FourGenerations Esoteric Products

We take great pride in our services and products and supply natural, quality products at competitive prices. We are dedicated to assisting those seeking spiritual growth and a holistic way of life. 4 Generations is to honor the feminine principle and the matriarchal influences in my family.

First generation of my family to settle in Britain was my Grandmother now 93 years young, strong and is as healthy as she can be. She has been an inspiration throughout my life and has supported and encouraged me to be all that I can be. My love of crystals comes from her. A woman of Kumina roots, she taught me many things especially how to live off the land.

The Second generation is my mother who has been the biggest influence and supporter of my desire to set up Four Generations. My mother brought to me the importance of ‘I am because we are’, she was an advocate for the Black community in the 1970’s and set up Lewisham Community Relations, focusing her attention on racial conflict within the Borough. She then went on to become a Social Worker in Southwark, setting up BEGS (Black Elderly Group Southwark) I take my hat off to her. During my early years my mother (actually my parent’s) were foster carers and I recall many children (foster brothers and sisters) who came in and out of our lives.

Third generation, well that’s me. I feel fortunate, blessed and privileged to be in a position to follow my dreams. A born healer, through the soothing sounds of words (breath) I am living my purpose, I do for ‘self’ a trained Family Counsellor and Family Mediator I work in partnership with Social Services, YOS, Schools, the Family Court System and have private clients. I also created FourGenerations.

The Fourth generation is my daughter Kai. She is my heartbeat, the next generation to carry the baton.

FourGenerations Esoteric Products
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