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Our sister DebRose – the Founder of Natural November

Event organiser, nutritionist, former radio talk show presenter, Sisterlocks™ consultant and public speaker on various cultural and health issues. DebRose was featured in Toyin Agbetu’s Beauty Is (Screen Nation award winner) and Dalian Adofo’s As It Grows, both of which are documentaries that highlight some of the issues surrounding Black hair and beauty.

Founder photoDebRose is also a Libran Raw Vegan, and is developing a line of raw organic foods. The LibRaw brand extends to products and services, including a series of monthly raw food workshops, every 3rd Sunday at the Ankh Wellbeing Centre, W10 London.

DebRose is on a very rewarding transitional journey, by becoming self-sufficient through developing multiple income streams, leaving a dead-end mainstream job that brought on ill health and stifled her creativity, and she has never looked back. She finds fulfillment in helping to raise awareness of the need to create and support Black businesses, restoring health and inspiring others to fulfill their life purpose.


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