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Black African Artisans

Black African Artisans

Kittylocks Hair Care products Natural Shampoos

Lorette McQueen is a Certified Sisterlocks(TM) Consultant and founder of Kittylocks Hair Care products which are hand crafted hair care product range suitable for all hair types including relaxed, natural, Caucasian, Asian, Bi racial and all types of locks. I use high grade ingredients and where specified some are certified organic. The range consists of Shampoos […]

FourGenerations Esoteric Products

DaLegzMan has just added who specialises in Esoteric Products such as Crystals, Gems and more.. to the “Where can I find stuff in London list.” if you’re looking for this item, you can probably find it at this location: fourgenerations [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk . The detailed description for is: It has […]

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