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Da Ancestors has just added website in London to the “Where can I find stuff in London list.” if you’re looking for this item, you can probabaly find it at this location: London grouped based.

The detailed description for Garveyites website is: this one of the organisations that have opted to ensure that the UK reparation campaign continues each year.

London grouped based is described as:


Click to visit on the web.

For any enquiries please email us at: info [at] garveyites [dot] uk

Day of the Goddess 2015

Day of the Goddess 2015

This wonderful day is an all inclusive, women only, celebration day & will take place in the international women’s month of March 2015. This is a day for total Meditation, Motivation, Celebration, Elevation & Amplification of the Greatness that We Are… excited much


Date: Sunday the 22nd March 2015 from 12pm – 7pm
Location: @ The Unity center 103 church road, London, NW10 9EG

ADE Photography and Printing

ADE Photography and Printing

ADE Photography Services

We provide a wide variety of services, which include portraits, head-shots, passport photographs, birthday photography, christening photography and wedding photography. We also offer on-site services such family and private photography.

Our graphic design team can bring to reality your design concept from logo and leaflet to poster and banners. Contact Devon: 0793-087-5012 now to discuss your requirements.


Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday
Visit our website at: ADE Photography Services
Unit 49 -52 ( Rye Lane Indoor Market)
48 Rye Lane Peckham London SE15 5BY

Studio/office: 020-7165-5483
Mobile: 079-3087-5012

Galaxy Afiwe Radio 102.5FM

Galaxy Afiwe Radio 102.5FM

Galaxy Radio 102.5FM is a community based radio station in Peckham SE15 London.

The radio station has been running for over 30 years, providing information and music

to the African community of Peckham, and London reaching the globe via the internet.

Galaxy Radio broadcasts 24 hour 365 days a year.

Visit our website at:

Telephone: 07923334515 – 07489538784
Paula Louis-Fernand

My name is Paula Louis-Fernand is the director and founder of Introspective Coaching. My vision for Introspective coaching is to help clients towards a life that they are fulfilled in and one that feels true to them. I have a great passion for supporting clients who wish to discover and connect with their true being and live in alignment with that. I believe that we all deserve to live a life that feels content inwardly and one that is fulfilling and authentic.

My style of work is Integrative coaching and therapy, which means combining both coaching and counseling skills in order to first provide a space for the client to express their issue, feel heard and understood, followed by effective, realistic solutions and goals so that the client is able to create and connect to a path that feels true to them. For more information on my style of work please see my work.

I am currently writing my first book on Self-discovery, which relates to a personal spiritual journey. I hope to release by the end of 2016. I look forward to sharing my story with you.

Please visit my blog page for monthly articles!
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