The GoHfA Kenyan project

The Good Health for Africa ‘GoHfA‘ programme is compromised of three projects:

  1. A school
  2. A clinic
  3. A farm

The Donald Romeo Academy (DRA) provides primary education for children from 4-13 years old in the Khayega community, in Kenya. It opened its doors to children in the area on January 3rd 2003. Approximately three hundred children are in attendance with a staff of eight. Ten percent of the children are AIDS orphans. The majority of the others are from one-parent families.

The school follows the curriculum as specified by the Education Authorities of the Government of Kenya. Unlike the Government schools, this school is run on a five-day week programme and Health Education is given special emphasis. Students do NOT pay fees and they are provided with two free meals each day. School uniforms are also provided to those who need them.

Extra-curricula activities are organised through the Pathfinder Programme similar to the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts movement.

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