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Accepted Master of Art Student on Museum Policy, Structure & Administration
BFA in Fine Art Photography
Art Educator of Magazine Design, Photography and Art History
Master Poet
Black Belt in Ninjistu
Gallery Curator
A student of life in continue growth


Email:   anksteady [at] dankunlimited [dot] com

The Scribe
Artist at Large that’s me. Ank J. SteadySpear beside the other talents of creativity, We am also a poet & a writer. We was born in Kingston Jamaica not in wealth so instead We was guided by intellects. In trying to overstand the pattern of who We am and where We came from, We left Jamaica around the age of fifteen…
New! Presentation to The Art Institute at Bournemouth
News: letter from Mrs. N. van de Pol, the Director of the Queen’s Office in the Netherlands


Email:   anksteady [at] dankunlimited [dot] com

Skype: Datmon

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