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Natural November


Natural November
The idea of Natural November came about as a response to the lack of awareness, products, workshops, services and information available to people who are interested in either maintaining or adopting a healthier, more natural cultural lifestyle.

The aim of Natural November is to offer an alternative to the mainstream and to showcase the very best in natural hair and beauty products, Afrocentric fashion and accessories, cultural arts and crafts, inspiring books, holistic services and educational seminars.

There is an on-going battle with the negative stereotypes that we are constantly bombarded with by the media, so it is important to be educated and to be portrayed in a positive light, as well as supporting and networking with other like-minded individuals.

I am a raw foodist, radio talk show presenter, fitness class instructor, Sisterlocks™ and natural Afro hair care consultant. I have been wearing my hair natural all of my adult life and am almost 4 years into my Sisterlocks™ journey. Straight after my last exam at school, I got a friend to shave off all of my relaxed hair, and I haven’’t looked back.

I have always been interested in health and am slowly but surely making my dream of having a career in holistic health and fitness a reality. My lifelong aim is to promote good health and a natural cultural, holistic way of living. I strongly believe that having a healthy foundation and a positive outlook will greatly improve the quality of how you look, live, think and feel.

The 2nd NN event, Natural November in May (May Natural November get bigger & better) was another great success. It took place at the lovely Chelsea Old Town Hall, which was a bigger venue than the last. A massive Thank You to all who supported, assisted, attended and exhibited, have a look at the Archives page where I go into much more detail. I hope you enjoy the 3rd Natural November event as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. May Natural November continue to get bigger and better x.


DebRose Brown SearchWell
Founder of Natural November

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