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The Lewisham Black Fathers Support Group


To create a forum where black men can feel safe to discuss any concerns, relating to their children, partners, or self.

For men to reflect on what they have been through whether it be good or bad and share good practices in relation to parenting.

Encourage men to become or stay involved in their children’s education and social development.

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2 thoughts on “The Lewisham Black Fathers Support Group

  1. I have forwarded this information to my child’s dad..who hasn’t been emotionally involved..I have three older children before I met him..he has caused great upset for us some years ago..has called authoritys on had me locked up because I confronted his cheating and disrespect he has never shown or reached his child anything from he was born just physically there but really there silent treatments watching porn secretly and prefers other women wants his freedom..and spoke to child authoritys about protection from him at the time no real concern when his child was lost..his mother in Ghana hung up the phone once she found out I was Jamaican 2021 with me making the first contact I still feel an apology would be the child is big and no longer a struggle he is’s a criminal offence to me for men to walk out and leave woman to these predators I’m angry from this..he put my children’s life’s at risk with these social people..I don’t want to speak to him for some time the damage is there…if he really wants to be a dad and not an agent for social I’ll leave him to black father’s..I’m not doing nothing else when my child is older then I will know he is safe but he is 8 and needs to be safe regardless of his dad..he has chosen to be away for years..they walk away and wish your downfall..his name is kwame a grown man..he looks conscious but not history of domestic violence from him..left me out here with an additional child and no protection no family..these men are not real

  2. I live in kewusham but my son lives in haringey. He is a single parent of 3 small boys. Can someone give me some information please.

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