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Some of the health attributes of Moringa:

Boosts energy levels, Improves digestive function, Improves mental clarity/focus, Promotes sound sleep, Provides all vital vitamins,
Contains several important minerals, Is an extremely powerful free radical fighter, Moringa has very high levels of fibers,
Cleanses and Detoxifies the body of infectious toxins, Strengthens your immune system, Enhances sexual desire and
performance, Fights cancerous cells, Slows down the aging process, Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin,
Alleviates diabetes, Normalizes and regulates cholesterol levels,  Helps maintain healthy heart function,
Minimizes inflammation, Improves Blood Circulation, Prevents artherosclerosis, Enhances visual acuityHelps stabilize normal
blood sugar levels, Helps improve patients suffering from leukemia, dengue, Fights general depression and stress,
Supports weight loss, Improves upon your overall physical strength.